10 Anti-Inflammatory Keto Foods To Boost Immune System

Best Anti-Inflammatory Keto Foods

The low-carb diet has been getting a lot of attention lately, and for a good reason. By cutting out processed carbs, you can help to stabilize blood sugar levels, improve digestion, and boost energy levels.

However, many low-carb diets focus mainly on meat and dairy, which can be inflammatory foods. This healthy take on a low-carb diet does double duty, thanks to all the anti-inflammatory foods and recipes.

Whether you follow this meal plan for 30 days or just choose one recipe to try, it’s guaranteed you’ll love it. Some recipes include a detox salad with roasted sweet potatoes and kale, a salmon quinoa bowl with avocado salsa, and a veggie-packed omelet.

And there are plenty of snacks and desserts to keep you satisfied throughout the day, like pistachio energy bars, dark chocolate almond clusters, and cinnamon-roasted sweet potatoes. So if you’re looking for a healthy and delicious way to cut down on carbs, this is the perfect meal plan.

Best Anti-Inflammatory Keto Foods

  1. Bone Broth

    Bone broth is a rich source of collagen, a protein that helps support the immune system. Collagen is also beneficial for gut health, as it helps to seal the gut lining and prevent inflammation.

    While plenty of keto-friendly foods you can eat on this diet, bone broth is one of the best. Not only does it have a meager carb count, but it also contains a host of nutrients that are essential for good health. As mentioned above, bone broth is rich in collagen, known for its skin-healing properties. It also contains glucosamine and chondroitin, two substances that play an essential role in joint health.

    In addition, bone broth is a good source of minerals like calcium and magnesium. These nutrients make bone broth an excellent addition to a keto diet. Plus, it’s incredibly versatile and can be used as a base for soups, stews, and other keto-friendly dishes.

  2. Wild-Caught Salmon

    A keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that has led to weight loss and improved health markers. One of the best protein sources on a keto diet is wild-caught salmon. Salmon is an excellent source of lean protein, healthy omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins and minerals. It is also relatively low in mercury. Wild-caught salmon is a delicious and nutritious addition to a keto diet. It can be enjoyed grilled, baked, or smoked. Salmon can also be canned or frozen for later use. For those on a keto diet, a wild-caught salmon is an excellent option for getting the nutrients you need.

  3. Garlic

    Garlic is a potent antioxidant that has been shown to boost the immune system. Garlic also has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, making it an ideal food for those looking to boost their immunity.

  4. Spinach

    Spinach is a nutrient-rich leafy green that contains vitamins A, C, and E, all of which are essential for a healthy immune system. Spinach is also a good source of magnesium, which has been shown to reduce inflammation.

  5. Turmeric

    Turmeric is a spice that contains curcumin, a compound with potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Curcumin has been shown to boost the immune system and protect against inflammation.

  6. Green Tea

    Green tea is rich in antioxidants, including catechins and polyphenols, which help to protect the body against disease. Green tea has also boosted the immune system and reduced inflammation.

  7. Bone Broth

    Bone broth is a rich source of collagen, a protein that helps support the immune system. Collagen is also beneficial for gut health, as it helps to seal the gut lining and prevent inflammation.

  8. Almonds

    Almonds are a good source of vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps protect the body against disease. Vitamin E has also been shown to reduce inflammation and boost the immune system. Additionally, almonds are a good source of zinc, which is essential for a healthy immune system.

  9. Dark Chocolate

    When following a ketogenic diet, one of the first things you need to do is cut out all forms of sugar.

    This can be difficult, as sugar is hiding in foods you may not expect, such as bread and fruit. However, one type of sugar you don’t have to eliminate is dark chocolate. Unlike milk chocolate or white chocolate, dark chocolate is relatively low in sugar and carbs. In addition, it contains healthy fats and a variety of other nutrients.

    For these reasons, dark chocolate can be a great addition to a keto diet. Just be sure to choose a brand of at least 70% cocoa, and limit yourself to one or two ounces daily.

  10. Pistachio

    Pistachios are delicious and nutritious snacks that can be enjoyed on various diets, including the keto diet. While pistachios do contain carbohydrates, they are mainly in the form of fiber, which does not impact blood sugar levels.

    In addition, pistachios are a good source of healthy fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals. For people following the keto diet, pistachios can help to meet daily nutrient needs while staying within carbohydrate limits.

    Furthermore, the fats and protein in pistachios can help to promote satiety and prevent hunger cravings between meals. So whether you’re looking for a healthy snack to enjoy on the go or something to tide you over until your next meal, pistachios are a great option.


The keto diet has a lot of potential benefits, but it’s not easy to achieve the desired results without careful planning and dedication.

However, by incorporating anti-inflammatory foods into your diet and supplementing with natural pills, you may reach the ketosis stage more quickly.

Plus, following a proper gym schedule will help boost your metabolism and promote better overall health.

So if you’re committed to trying the keto diet, remember to focus on eating healthy, inflammation-fighting foods and staying active for the best results.

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