Lose Weight After Quitting Soda

Excess gain of weight or obesity has now become a major health concern all over the world. Other than being an unhealthy way of life, it could also bring various health-related problems to persons having excessive weight. Obesity is a disease-causing medical problems such as heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Now when you&hellip


7 Rookie Workout Mistakes To Avoid

I wasted a lot of time in the gym, but I don’t regret it. I learned through many years of trial and error. But looking back, I still wish I had known then, what I know now. The internet wasn’t a big thing, when I started training. Now, all the knowledge in the world is just&hellip


Dominate Your Each Day With These 6 Habits

Keep asking someone “why?” after they tell you their motivation for doing anything and the final bare-bone answer will always be “Because it makes me happy”. All we humans do is motivated by the potential of that thing giving us more happiness, whether it be short or long-term. Even the most selfless act makes us feel&hellip


The Best Kettlebell Exercises To Build Muscle

The Kettlebell is rarely the first thing you would think of when it comes to putting on muscle. What it is well known for though is its effect on building functional strength, strength endurance, conditioning and Power. You can, however, build serious muscle using just Kettlebells. Sometimes Kettlebell exercises even trump others for effectiveness. Still, you&hellip


Complete Program To Build The Power Look

The muscles most guys focus too much on at the gym, the so-called beach muscles, are not the ones that command respect and strike fear into any bar brawler’s heart. A big chest, biceps, wide lats and a wasp’s waist with chiselled abs, that you can make out through a guy’s shirt, are all pretty&hellip