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Based in Scotland, this internet company designs and sells a unique product “The Gentlemen’s Cleaning Brush” (GCB). As the penis is the organ of reproduction and pleasure in the male, it is obvious that it should be clean and regularly cared for. A thick secretion known as smegma is produced under the foreskin can cause bad odour, inflammation, infections and even cancer of the penis. Smegma, according to some studies, predisposes to diseases of the cervix in females.

Gently withdraw the foreskin of the penis. Wet the brush with clean running water and apply a mild soap or gel. Brush gently back and forth, side to side, over and under the glans and the underside of the foreskin. Thoroughly rinse the organ with clean water. Clean the brush with running water and repeat the process as required.


Problems with the penis can be devastating to a boy or man and are often difficult to discuss with family, friends or even the doctor.

The main parts of the penis are:

  1. – ROOT: The fixed portion that attaches the penis to the body wall.
  2. – BODY or SHAFT: The tubular moveable portion.
  3. – GLANS: The expanded distal end that surrounds external urethra meatus.
  4. – FORESKIN: A fold of skin normally covers the tip of the penis; this is prepuce or foreskin, which could harbour a substance call smegma.


Smegma is the result of desquamated epithelial debris collecting in the subpreputial space and is the product of glandular secretion. It contains a variety of fatty acids, which produce a whitish and oily substance. Unfortunately, smegma can be an excellent nutrient source for bacteria. Inflammation and infection in this region are common especially if the area not washed thoroughly and frequently.


Circumcision is the removal of the prepuce or foreskin. This is religious practice in some cultures and usually takes place not long after birth. Circumcision is view differently according to different customs and social practices but sometimes carried out in later life either for health reasons, to prevent infections and diseases or because of them. In America, circumcision has fallen from 90% to 20% of males. In some European countries, the subject not often understood and tends to cause embarrassment. The medical world is now looking upon circumcision as both futile and a form of body mutilation. This operation is painful and accidents may occur.

The foreskin, like the eyelid is a natural part of the body, full of sensitive nerve endings. It protects the glans whilst maintaining sensitivity. The medical practice today does not support circumcision because it is unnecessary and a waste of resources. In fact, some men whose foreskins were taken away without their consent when they were children have in recent years, had surgery to recreate their lost foreskin. The willybrush is a positive alternative to circumcision. It is especially suitable for someone with sensitive glans.


Circumcision was probably first practiced in all cultures for hygiene reasons. Today, although an unclean penis may cause infection and diseases, which are transferable to partners, the cutting of natural live tissues from the body to help prevent this is a rather drastic precaution.


Good penis hygiene may prevent the following:

  • – Balanits and Phimosis These cause irritation, discomfort and eventually shrinkage of the foreskin tissues whereby can no longer be retracted.

– Urinary tract infection This is common where good hygiene is not practiced and chronic infection can damage the kidneys.

– Sexually transmitted diseases Good hygiene minimises the transfer of diseases such as Chancroid, Herpes, Syphilis and Gonorrhoea.

There are other infections and diseases associated with the penis, which can be contracted as well as passed on, however, basic hygiene can combat them and is accessible to everyone.


This superior product should be cared for in the following ways.
holderAfter use, the brush must be cleaned with soap, squeezing away excess water and smoothing out the tuft of brush hair. When storing after use, the tuft of hair should point downwards for ease of drying and to keep the bristles in good conditioner.
The Gentleman’s Cleaning Brush, or GCB (affectionately known to us as the Willybrush) is the only product of its kind in the world, designed and sold by our Scottish based Internet business. This unique creation has already captured the attention of the media and thousands of health and hygiene conscious men and continues to astound us.


Our customers are from all walks of life, including the medical profession and corporate companies.
The brush is specifically designed for keeping the penis thoroughly clean, whilst protecting sensitivity, in turn helping our customers to feel more confident, particularly in moments of intimacy with their partners. This can often be an area that is overlooked. When considering female points of view we discover how important the ‘Gentleman’s Cleaning Brush’ has become:-
“To know that his penis is thoroughly clean and smelling good makes me feel more sexy”
(Caroline 25, Oxford, UK)
“The ‘Gent’s Cleaning Brush’ was the ideal gift for my partner because it has made him more aware of his personal hygiene.”
(Lyndsay, 42, London, UK)